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Nicolas Renaux - COO of CarryOn



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Yannick Damster - Office manager of CarryOn


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Our products and services

1In the past 20 years, CarryOn has built a strong reputation in the business gifts market. As an official B2B agent and supplier for the Benelux, we can provide you with high-quality and durable bags and umbrellas from strong brands such as HALFARFAREDELSEY and MBW.

2Over the years, we have also specialized in the design and production of custom-made B2B bags. We can now provide you with any promotional or technical bag in any shape, color or fabric according to your specific needs. Your project is our challenge.

3We produce most of our bags in Europe and Asia. To us, quality, safety and social standards are paramount. We care about our clients and all people involved in the production and distribution of our products. Our commitment is shown through tested materials, BSCI or c-mark labels.

4We care deeply about Fair Trade, the environment and other Corporate Social Responsibilities. Our social commitment is reflected in our Fair Trade, recycling and upcyling program. With our fair trade products, we support people in developing countries around the world.

Our products and services

For over 20 years now, CarryOn has been providing the B2B market with highly individual and qualitative business gifts. As a B2B agent and supplier in the Benelux, we represent strong brands such as FARE, HALFAR, MBW and DELSEY.

Our bags are produced and processed in Europe and Asia. To us, quality, safety and social standards are paramount. We care about our clients, as well as our employees. Our commitment is shown through tested materials, BSCI or c-mark labels.

Through the years, however, B2B bags on demand became our specialty. From promotional bags to technical bags: you name it, we make it. We produce the bag you want in any shape, colour or fabric. Your project is our challenge.

CarryOn also cares about Fair Trade, the environment and other CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities).  Through our Fair Trade range, we support people in the Third World and recycle materials.

Our History

  • CarryOn was founded in 1993 by director Jean Renaux as Chemalex Belgium bvba.
  • Over the next 12 years, CarryOn represented luggage brand Carlton as a B2B agent in the Benelux.
  • In 1999, CarryOn started to develop custom-made B2B bags in the Far East.
  • In 2004 and 2005, CarryOn added the Roncato, Titan and Travelite brands to its product range.
  • In 2007, Nicolas Renaux joined CarryOn as co-director. At the same time, CarryOn started working as an agent for HALFAR®. HALFAR’s core business perfectly fits CarryOn’s speciality: bags and suitcases.
  • 2009 marks the start of CarryOn’s collaboration with FARE. CarryOn successfully brought the B2B umbrella brand to the market. FARE quickly emerged as the go-to brand for B2B umbrellas.
  • In 2011, CarryOn added the products of MBW, the sister company of HALFAR and FARE, to its product range. MBW often outperforms other suppliers. The brand provides high-quality products in line with CarryOn’s values and ideology.
  • In 2014, CarryOn started collaborating with DELSEY. DELSEY’s international fame reflects positively upon CarryOn’s clients, providing them with an even bigger range of high-quality promotional products to choose from.