Fair Trade Bags & Accessories


Fair Trade production

CarryOn produces its Fair Trade bags & accessories in a small factory in Cambodia. This factory is a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and their range is 100% Fair Trade.


In their workshops (one in Baray and one in Phnom Penh), they employ 40 workers and many homeworkers. In total, about 130 locals depend on this production plant.


Just imagine… an order of 5000 bags for a seminar or a corporate gift can employ an entire village for a whole month!


We have a standard range of B2B – Fair Trade bags & accessories, but we can also produce tailor-made bags. We can finish your bag with lamination, add woven labels or print logos on the strap.

Ethical and eco-friendly

CarryOn cares about Fair Trade. Our Fair Trade bags provide people in Cambodia with employment, skills, a decent livelihood and the best possible environment.


Next to social standards and decent working conditions, we try to add value to the lives of our Cambodian employees. We want them to be passionate, proud and excited about their work.


But there’s more: our fair trade production is environmentally friendly as well. New articles are made with natural or recycled materials; old articles are upcycled.


Our Fair Trade bags are eco-friendly. New articles are made out of natural or recycled materials. We use silk and cotton as pure natural fibers and we recycle newspapers and polypropylene bags from fish-farms and cement factories.


We collect the bags out of the waste and wash, clean and dry them. Then we cut them and to create your durable B2B products on demand.


Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction. Does your company want to do something good for the earth?


In addition to recycling, we upcycle old articles. If you have materials or articles you do not use anymore or if you have “death” stocks, we can give your material a second life.


We can upcycle your banners, flags, shelters, trousers or any other workable item.


We ship them to Cambodia where they are cleaned and dismantled. Then we transform your materials into your new bag or accessory.


Finally, the people in the workshop sew your durable upcycled item and they add a label such as “Upcycled”, “WFTO” or “Handmade In Cambodia”.