Materials for technical bags

Many businesses need bag solutions that protect their products and equipment in difficult working conditions. That is why we only use the best materials for the production of our technical bags.


If required, we can provide your business with antistatic, water and flame resistant bags that are easy to disinfect and that have low emission rates.


When two materials rub together this may result in an electrostatic charge. The materials are now “static” and stick together. Such a charge can disrupt sensitive technical devices.


Antistatic materials play a key role in many fields and professions. As a specialist in customer-specific bags, we handle this issue with care.

CarryOn - disinfectable-paramedic-bag


In some professions, a bag just has to be wipe-clean and easy to disinfect. Paramedics and other medical emergency services, for example, need clean and disinfected deployment bags.


Bandages, medication and medical technology devices can be packed hygienically even when our bags are exposed to external influences. Evidently our bags are very easy to clean after use.

Flame retardancy

In many professions, bags are subject to safety standards. Some bags need to be fire-proof, for example. We produce our fire-proof bags with flame-retardant and anti-firing materials.


Once removed from the source of ignition, such materials can be extinguished very fast so they cannot continue to burn. As a bag specialist, we have the expertise to design safe fire-proof bags.

Carry On - low-emission-trolley

Emission poverty

In bags, emissions occur in the form of evaporations. The materials used for the bag can start to evaporate as they age. In some cases, it is very important to avoid such emissions.


Some emissions may cause health problems and/or affect the bag’s sensitive contents. As a bag specialist, we can count on many years of experience to build the safest bags possible.

Splash protection

Water is a common source of damage to devices and equipment. Many electrical and medical devices are sensitive to moisture. They need to be protected and secured with padding.


At CarryOn, we provide this splash protection through individual cut development, careful selection and high-quality processing of the best materials.