Promotional bags

CarryOn can provide you with custom-made promotional items. Our product range is very diverse but our real specialty is in promotional bags on demand.

Promotional Bags on demand

Promotional items come in any shape, colour and size: backpacks, shoppers, travelbags,… The versatility of such marketing and sales tools should not be underestimated.


They can be seen, felt and experienced. They can be practical, funny or simply pretty. Promotional items represent an event, company or brand in a positive way.


That’s where CarryOn comes in. We can provide your with custom-made and high-quality promotional products on demand. Our product range is very diverse, but our speciality is in bags on demand.

Creative with promotion & safety

Our CarryOn and HALFAR® range, for example, features numerous promotional bags and backpacks. They proudly show the “Made in Europe” or “Assembled in Europe” labels.


This means production or assembly took place at the HALFAR®‘s German headquarters, or in neighboring countries. The benefits of producing in Europe? More design options, superior quality and fast delivery.


No matter where our bags are produced, we care deeply about quality, safety and social standards of everyone involved in the production and distribution of our products. BSCI or c-mark labels show our commitment.

Custom production & consistent quality

We manufacture products on demand at our sites in Asia as well. This way, we can offer our clients highly-customized productions at reasonable prices.


So, why not boost your business with a custom-made bag? You can get any bag in any colour, shape and fabric. Create a bag resembling your product or simply get noticed. What does your ideal bag look like?


Do you like a bag from our standard collections? But do you want it in a different colour or material? Or do you want to add or remove some features? Simply let us know. We look forward to making you a custom offer.