Technical Bags

Our technical bags are functional bags tailored to your specific circumstances, equipment, applications and needs. They offer value and support and they promote your business wherever you take them.

Bag Development

First, we analyse your needs and expectations regarding the design of your bag. Then we  create concept designs and visualizations of your bag with decorations that reflect your corporate identity.


Subsequently we produce a sample of your bag to adjust technical bags to perfection. Once the final sample has been approved and all logistical questions have been clarified, we start the production of your bag.

Bag Production

Our experts develop new concepts for technical bags every day and we produce your bags in line with strict quality standards. Our aim is always to meet and exceed your highest expectations.


This is why we continually offer new services; from innovative designs to flexible logistics. At the end of the day, our personal commitment to the success of your products makes the difference.

Choice of material

All materials for our technical bags and belts are tested by renowned test institutes. Evidently we only use harmless materials in our bags. Lastly, we confirm the marketability of our bags.


Besides the chemical components, we also have the physical and mechanical characteristics of our bags tested by special laboratories so you know exactly what your bag has been made of.